Pipette Mini Guide

Session Tips
Accessories for the Pipette Mini

  • Bowl Cap - Magnetically connect to the end of the Bowl, to keep smells contained and stop the pipe from rolling when set down.
  • Debowler - Stainless steel scooping and scraping tool designed to easily clear ash and resin from the Bowl when you twist it. Keep this either magnetically attached to the side of the Bowl Cap, or attach it to the Keyring for more secure caring.
  • Lighter Sheath - Insert a Bic Mini lighter inside, then attach it to the Keyring if you want to bundle your lighter with the Pipette Mini. Attach the Lighter Sheath to the Keyring last, after the Debowler, since the Lighter Sheath locks in place on the Keyring.
Carbon Filters

Unscrew the Bowl, and insert a Carbon Filter into the cavity inside the Mouthpiece. These filters block particulates, make smoke smoother, and should be replaced every 5 bowls for best performance.

10 Carbon Filters are included. Restock with a pack of 60 from our shop.
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Loading a Bowl

We recommend loading un-ground whole flower. Ground herb creates finer particles of ash that pass through the Bowl into the Mouthpiece easily, which isn't ideal for keeping the pipe clean.

Skip the grinding and save time by packing a pinched off, penny-sized portion of whole flower.

Low-Temp Lighting

Light the bowl with as little direct flame as possible. Position the flame about a half inch from the end of the bowl as you inhale. This will draw the flame towards the bowl and heat the herb inside just enough to vaporize and combust, instead of torching it and causing the resulting smoke to be harsh and hot.

Butane (the fuel for most smoking lighters) burns at 1900 degrees fahrenheit, whereas the combustion temperature of herb is 400-450 degrees fahrenheit.
Ashing with the Debowler

The Bowl needs to be ashed after 1-2 puffs, when no more herb is left inside to burn. The Debowler makes this easy, simply insert it in the Bowl and twist it to break the ash free. Pull the Debowler out to scoop the ash out as well, while holding it upside down over your ashtray.

Clogged Bowl

  • Change the Filter
  • Use the Debowler to scoop resin and ash out of the bowl
  • Unscrew the Bowl and clear ash and resin from it's underside
  • Blow out through the Mouthpiece

Unscrew the Bowl from the Mouthpiece, and use a Cotton Swab dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol to scrub the inside clean. Warm water and dish soap also work well. Rinse the parts with water after scrubbing, and blow air through the Mouthpiece to dry it out.

The Pipette Mini is dishwasher safe. The Bowl Cap is not dishwasher safe. The magnet will lose strength.
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Other Accessories
Mini Smoke Tool

The Smoke Tool works well with the Pipette Mini
  • Can poke through the bowl to clear clogs, and poke through the Mouthpiece to push the filter out.
  • Press it into the Mouthpiece or Bowl to store it. This only works when no Filter is inside the Mouthpiece
  • Storing the Smoke Tool in the end of the Mouthpiece, and keeping the Bowl Cap on the top of the pipe, makes the entire set much more smell discreet.
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Stash Jar

Take herb to go with the Stash Jar, which holds up to 2g. If keeping ground herb inside, push the Bowl into the Jar to load it quickly.
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Covered Ashtray

The steel point in the center of the Ashtray helps get the ash out. Keep your Pipette and other accessories on top of the Cover, to make a tidy set with all your essentials.
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Smell-proof and zippable carrying case that is the perfect size to hold all your session essentials in one place.
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