Carbon Filters

Enjoy smoother sessions and a cleaner Handpipe with Carbon Filters inside the Mouthpiece. Each filter contains bamboo charcoal that removes particulates and carcinogens from smoke. Replace every other session for best taste and performance.
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Size: 60 Pack

Customer Reviews

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excellent filters

I’m 71 years old and been smoking pot for 50 of those years. Never used filters before. These filters give an easy pull, smoke is very smooth, high is just as good and my cough has improved 80%. Love them and will never go back to filterless

Don Simmons

All the carbon filters work great very high-quality. Have used other kinds with these are just as good as anything I’ve bought before very high-quality. Definitely recommend them. I also use them to filter joints.

Susan Mcallister

So pleased to learn about a pipe with a filter! Makes all the difference in a good way

Disappointed with updated filters

Disappointed with updated filters. The quantity decreased by 20 since the last time I ordered (same price). The packaging is less convenient, the box it used to come in was better. And worst of all, the quality of the filters themselves has decreased. They no longer fit the pipe as smoothly and need to be jammed in a bit. Additionally, the plastic filter caps have excess plastic on them like they weren’t trimmed properly. I’ve been ordering these for over a year and it seems like the quality has decreased each time.

Become completely blocked up after a bowl or two

These seemingly used to be better but our recent order of them clogs up so fast that they're not worth using. They last only a bowl or two before the airway becomes entirely closed off.