Covered Ashtray

Fear ash no longer, the Covered Ashtray helps clear it from bowls and joints then hide it away.
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A Modern Session Essential

We set out to make the best Ashtray for bowl and joint smokers alike, updating the classic Debowler design with a Cover that locks away ashen smells after your session. A merger of minimalist design with functional everyday practicality, the Covered Ashtray set is a helpful essential for all that comes before and after you smoke; as a storage tray for your lighters and papers, an assistant for joint rolling, an incense holder, and more.

Steel Debowler

Big pointy spike that clears ash out of bowls, and mounts inside the Ashtray. Detach the Debowler after your session to cover the Ashtray back up.

Rolling Assistant

When detached, the Debowler is a versatile hand tool, sized perfectly for rolling cones and packing down herb.

Ash Knocker

Clear ash from the tip of joints on this small pointy spike, that is permanently attached inside the Ashtray.

Joint Rest

Rest lit joints upright on the Ash Knocker to let them burn more slowly, or place them on the large rim along the outside.

Detachable Debowler

Mounts inside the Ashtray when you need it to help clear ash from bowls. Detaches when you're ready to cover up the Ashtray after your session.

Accessories Tray

Keep lighters and other essentials inside the dish on top of the Cover

Levitate Mode

Place the Cover onto the Debowler to save table space and look extra cool

Rolling Assistant

The Debowler is sized perfectly for rolling cones and packing down herb

Ash Knocker

Steel point inside the Ashtray helps clear ash from joints

Joint Rest

Place lit joints upright on the Ash Knocker to let them burn slowly, or rest them on the broad sides of the Ashtray.

Levitating Tray

The Cover rests on top of the Debowler to save space. Keep lighters and other essentials inside the dish on top.

Debowler Holster

Rubber holster in the top of the Cover holds the Debowler when not in use

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacob Terrell

Covered Ashtray

Don Simmons
Another great product

Recently purchased a new ashtray with the stand, as usual all their products are just so awesome and uniquely designed with intelligence and functionality. Don S.

Katie Ransom
Heir does it again

Heir offers the best products! They are fine quality and beautiful. This ashtray is a stunner. No need was left unaddressed. So happy with it

Almost Perfect

like everything about the ashtray, except being able to take out the top lip ring. I spent 10 minutes trying to get the darn part off when it was new and decided to put some bees wax lip balm around the edge to make it easier to take off. Now it comes off nice and easy like it should. That’s the only reason for a four star rating instead of five.

kyle G
Another Amazing product!

Absolutely love the debowler specifically. I was worried that it wouldn’t adequately clear my bowl but it does completely to my surprise! Love the materials and thought put into this product. My only complaint would have to be in regards to removing the lip to the actual ashtray. It might just be me but i have a hard time taking it out when deep cleaning the ash tray