Screens & Filters Guide for Handpipe

Screens & Filters Guide for Handpipe
Smoking herb can be harsh, yet we find that when the right combination of pipe, screens, and filters are used, a hot cloud of smoke and ash can be transformed into a blissfully smooth and tasty hit.
Since founding, we've made it our goal to understand how to make a colder, cleaner hit. The Waterpipe was made with engineering principles in mind, to extend the amount of time and distance smoke travels within the pipe. But the Handpipe is a much smaller size, and we took on the challenge of discovering how to create a smooth hit in a pocket-sized package. The answer as you may have already guessed at, is in using Screens or Filters to block the parts of smoke you don't want.

Screens vs. Filters

Although the Handpipe can smoke fine without a Screen or Filter inside, we recommend using one of the two because each offers a simple way to stop ash and particulates while smoking, while also making it easier to keep your Handpipe clean.

To decide which you prefer, we recommend trying each and taking your pick of which one has the right balance of effort-reward for you. 


Screens are the simplest way to smooth out your hit, and work by simply stopping fine ashen particulates from passing through the bowl. Our 8mm Screens are made of Stainless Steel wire mesh.
  • Buy a Pack of 100 for $5
  • One screen lasts 5-10 sessions
  • They come packaged in a Tin that makes a good case for stashing herb
How to Install
Place the screen in the bottom of the bowl, then use the Smoke Tool’s pointy end to push it down until it slips deep into the bowl’s hole. The screen should not fall out when the pipe is turned over. Take care not to dislodge the screen when clearing ash out of the bowl.


Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters will provide the smoothest hit for the Handpipe. Like Screens, they stop particulates from passing through the bowl as you smoke. In addition the Bamboo Charcoal inside the filters binds to harmful compounds in smoke. Smoke is cooled as it passes through the filter as well, creating an overall more pleasant hit that won't strain your lungs.
  • Buy a Pack of 60 Carbon Filters for $8
  • Packaged into small pocket-sized boxes with 10 pieces, so they're easy to carry
  • Change the Carbon Filters after every other session for best taste and performance
Detach the Mouthpiece from the Handpipe's bowl to insert a Filter. The Filter should ideally be replaced every other session, but replacing it after up to 10 sessions is also fine if you prefer to use less of them.



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