Glass Chamber

Glass broken? We have you covered. This replacement is compatible with all editions of the Waterpipe. Be sure to select the correct size, 13 or 11, for your piece.
Sale price$34.00 Regular price$40.00
Size: 13
Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

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Great Customer Service

Accidentally knocked my water pipe off of the counter and it fell in such a way that the glass broke right where it connects to the mouthpiece. Reached out to Heir to ask about replacement glass and they were very cool and sent me a link to some replacement parts which shipped very quickly. Love this company

Replacement was easy

Dropped the old glass chamber and replaced it with new one. Hang on tight to your chamber!

My own mistake

Originally I had the clear glass chamber. I thought the smoked grey would look nice, which is does. I just can no longer see how big of a pull I am ripping so that's on me still a great piece and happy to pay less than $50 to get my bong back up and running.

Thank God for this.

Dropped my piece and broke the original glass chamber. Thankful for replacement parts!

David B.
Replacement Parts Save The Day

I have had my Heir waterpipe for several years. Recently the threaded ring on the glass chamber came loose. Fortunately Heir offers replacement parts for all of their pipes. I ordered a new glass chamber and it arrived in three days! I appreciate that I donโ€™t need to spring for a whole new rig if a part breaks or gets damaged. Thanks Heir for a great product and great service.