Bowl Cap

Customize the look of your piece, and snuff out half-smoked bowls to be enjoyed later. Magnetically attaches to all Waterpipe and Handpipe bowls.

Please note! Waterpipe bowls made prior to 2022 with the 7-hole design are not magnetic and will not attach to the Cap.
Sale price$15.00
Color: Blaze
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Customer Reviews

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Missed that little cap

I misplaced the one that came with my pipe a couple of years ago. After many trips down rivers and hanging out in my pant pocket, it was gone. The replacement made me forget how much i missed the original.

John Gramentine
Thank you.

I am very happy with all the products I have purchased from HEIR. I own both the smaller water bong and the stainless/rubber pipe. Both are great. Thank you.

Mark Reynolds
Love the bowl cap

Great accessory, but falls of the brass bowl sometimes not to be found again.

Jimmy Dial
Keep away from Campbell Soup cans.

Lost my brown the first time and found it on the side of my Instant Pot in the pantry. The 2nd time it was never found and presumed to be buried in the local landfill. This time I chose Orange so, hopefully, more noticeable.

Noah Selling
Dissapointed its not magnetic

I'm dissapointed its not magnetic like the lack one it cane with. I’m not really sure why I paid extra for this besides the color.