Waterpipe Guide

Getting Started
Learn how to start your first session off right, and tips to help you enjoy better smoke.

Cleaning Brushes

Make quick work of getting resin out with a set of cleaning brushes sized perfectly for the nooks and crannies inside the Waterpipe.
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Session Tips
Snuff it out

Leaving the ember lit after your hit needlessly wastes herb! Snuff it out with one of our bowl caps, which help contain the smell of ash after your session as well.
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Using other attachments

Our adapter holds standard 14 and 19mm jointed glass pieces, in place of the bowl. Pick one up if you would like to plug your vaporizer, glass, or other accessories into the Waterpipe.
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Putting on the Coozie

To put the coozie on start by stretching the hole on the bottom by hand, before sliding it onto the glass from top to to bottom. The base of the coozie should lie flat over the bottom of the glass when finished.