Pipette Guide

Getting Started
Loading a Bowl

  • Slide bowl open to desired size you want to load
  • Pinch and hold below the Slide as you scoop herb into the bowl. This is to keep the slide in place as you push herb in. The slide will become stickier as you smoke, so holding the Slide in place while you load will only be necessary when the Pipette is new or has just been cleaned.
  • Insert the Funnel into the end of the Bowl to help scoop ground herb inside. The Funnel isn't needed to pack a bowl, but allows you to get a lot more loaded in one scoop, speeding up the process of loading a large amount.

  • Tightly packed herb will light and smoke more easily
  • Packing Method 1: Place your finger over the top of the Bowl and move the Slide down so that the herb compacts against your finger tip.
  • Packing Method 2: Use the ball shaped end of the Smoke Tool to push herb down. This is the best way to pack when you are also using the Funnel to load.
Filters and Screens

What's the difference? Both stop particulates and ash from passing through as you smoke. Screens are easier to use because they need to be replaced less often, but Filters will create the smoothest hits.
Using Screens

Place a Screen into the cavity on the underside of the Bowl. Press it down until it clicks in. Change the Screen when it becomes difficult to draw air through the Pipette. The Smoke Tool helps pop the screen in and out of the cavity.
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Using Filters

Our Carbon Filters contain bamboo charcoal, which binds to harmful compounds in smoke as well as cools it. Insert Filters into the Mouthpiece by simply dropping it in, and replace them after every other session. The Smoke Tool can help poke the Filter out from the Mouthpiece if it's stuck.
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Controlling the Heat

Don't use a torch lighter with the Pipette. The Stainless steel body is designed for use with Bic or other standard butane fuel lighters, as well as matches or hemp-wick.

The Pipette body will become warm as you smoke, but should not reach a temperature where it is too hot to hold if you do not over-light the bowl.

Lighting and Puffing

Light gently, moving the flame just close enough to spark the bowl, then moving the flame away as soon as it's lit. Once an ember is lit, you can keep it going by puffing before it goes out. Master puffing without relighting the bowl to get the most enjoyable low-temp hits with the Pipette.
Using the Slide

  • Grip the Pipette below the Slide as you smoke.
  • Move the slide down as you puff to release ash from the tip.
  • Only touch the Grip area of the Slide after the bowl has been lit, where it will be cool enough to touch as you move it down.
  • Close the slide all the way to release all the ash from the bowl, and use the Smoke Tool to help clear ash from the tip.
Slide Stuck?

The Slide will become sticker as you smoke, and resin accumulates around the surfaces inside the bowl. A little bit of friction is beneficial since it helps keep the Slide in the position you set it to. But, the Slide will eventually become too sticky to move.

Heating the Slide with the lighter while rotating it for 5 seconds will allow it to become unstuck and move again. When the Slide is stuck, it's a sign it's time to clean the Pipette though - read on.

Cleaning Supplies

  • Do not clean the Pipette in the Dishwasher. It will not damage the Pipette itself, but it will not be as effective as cleaning by hand.
  • Cotton Swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol, and a container for pouring the alcohol into are what you need to clean the Pipette.
  • Our Cotton Swabs are the exact same size as the inside of the Pipette, so we highly reccomend them because they make quick work of getting all the resin out.
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Cleaning Process

  • Unscrew the Mouthpiece from the Bowl.
  • Set the Pipette parts into a container like a small jar or cup, with enough alcohol poured in to submerge it. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes to allow the resin inside to loosen up.
  • Scrub inside the Pipette with Cotton Swabs that have been wetted with alcohol. Scrub until no more black material comes away on the swabs.
  • You can skip soaking the Pipette in alcohol, and just scrub inside with Cotton Swabs that have been wetted with alcohol. This will use up more swabs though.

Find the setup, with accessories attached or detached from the Keyring, that works best for you.
Configuration 1

Attach the Lighter Sheath and Smoke Tool to the Keyring, and keep everything bundled together ready to stash-and-go. Attach the Lighter Sheath after attaching everything else because it stays locked in place on the Keyring.
Configuration 2

Keep the Smoke Tool detached from the Keyring, and use the ball-shaped end to help pack herb into the bowl. Store the Pipette standing up with the Funnel as a stand, and holster the Smoke Tool inside the Mouthpiece.
The Cap

The Cap attaches by press fitting onto the Mouthpiece, and slides over the Bowl without touching the Slide so that you can keep a loaded bowl inside.

A light press is all that is needed to attach the Cap to the Mouthpiece. Do not use too much force to attach the Cap, since it will be hard to remove and could also damage the Mouthpiece.
Lighter Sheath

The Lighter Sheath holds a standard Bic mini lighter. When the lighter runs empty, pull it out and simply pop another inside.

If you prefer a different color Lighter Sheath than the one included by default with your Pipette, please order your pick from our shop.
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Our Pouch has an odor absorbing liner to keep smells from your stash contained, and is the perfect size to hold all your session essentials without being too big to put in your back pocket.
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