Handpipe Guide

Getting Started

Getting Started

The cap magnetically attaches on top of the bowl. Use it to store your herb inside and take on the go with you, as well as to contain the ashen smell inside.

The Cap can attach to the base of the Bowl, which gives the Handpipe a stable platform to rest on while you load a bowl.

Getting Started

Attach and remove the Smoke Tool from the Mouthpiece simply by pressing it in and pulling it out of the hole. Capping the mouthpiece with the smoke tool can help contain the smell inside the pipe, when stored.

Getting Started

Carbon Filters can be inserted into the Mouthpiece. Replace the filter at least every 3 sessions. The mouthpiece holds other varieties of standard 9mm filters, such as paper and cotton sold by other brands.

Smoking and Carbing

Hold the pipe in your left hand if you light with your right, and vice versa if you light lefty. The Polished Silver edition bowl has a carb hole on the left side, designed to be covered with the left thumb while smoked from. All other bowl editions are a carb-less design.

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

Do not use a dishwasher or isopropyl alcohol to clean the Wood edition mouthpieces. Instead, scrub the inside of the mouthpiece with a pipe cleaner soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Use a lightly damp cloth to wipe the outside surface clean.

Any resin (Blaze or Matte Black edition) edition mouthpiece is ok to clean clean by machine or alcohol.

Removing the Inner Bowl

Use the Smoke Tool as a lever to pry the Inner Bowl free from the Outer Bowl, as needed for cleaning. Reinstall by pressing the Inner Bowl into the Outer Bowl until the top edge sits just below the rim.

Cleaning the Bowl

Use a disposable cloth soaked lightly in isopropyl alcohol to scrub the inside of the bowl. If a heavy amount of resin is built up inside, soak the bowl in alcohol for 1-2 hours to loosen the resin before scrubbing it clean.

Cleaning the Cap

Scrub the Cap clean with a cloth lightly dampened with alcohol. Do not clean the cap in a dishwasher or by boiling, which will cause it to lose magnetic strength.