Engineered for powerful cooling and filtration, and designed to eliminate inconvenience at every step in your session. Heir Waterpipe is the reinvention of the classic waterpipe that doesn’t mind being displayed in the modern home. Enjoy a smoking companion that’s easier on the lungs and eyes, and elevates your enjoyment of flower with the most efficient and intuitive experience.

Size & Color: 11 | Gold Edition

In stock (can be backordered)


Materials: Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Soda-Lime Glass, Silicone Rubber,
Included: Smoke Tool, Carry Case / Packaging
Size & Weight: 2.5lbs, 11 Inches

Size Guide:
The Waterpipe 13 has a full size chamber, which allows for larger hits. The Waterpipe 11 has a medium size chamber, which creates a bubbler-style smoking experience. We recommend the full size Waterpipe 13 to anyone looking for the best smoking performance, whereas the Waterpipe 11 is a bit more comfortably handheld.


Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)

Best water pipe I've ever owned

Rated 5 out of 5
January 17, 2022

Got the 11″ gold edition over the holidays, and after using it for a few weeks now, I can honestly say, it’s by far the best water pipe experience I’ve ever encountered. The smoke is clean, smooth and cool, and I clean it every morning because it’s just so easy and gratifying. I could never imagine saying that about any other water pipe I’ve owned. I had also ordered a Koozie for the 11″ and when the stitching began to tear after less than a week, they promptly sent me a new one, no questions asked. Just fantastic customer service. Thank you Heir!
It’s now taking all my will power not buy the hand pipe. .


Worth the every dollar

Rated 5 out of 5
January 11, 2022

This is without a doubt the best pipe I’ve ever used. I originally bought the 11″ and just bought a 13″ and it’s amazing. And I couldn’t ask for better customer service.



Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2022

Absolutely love this piece, Got it as a Xmas present and was so happy. I normally smoke with a beaker bong but I have switched over to this. The function is awesome and it is so easy to clean and take apart. The engineering of how it works is also so col all of my friends have loved using this! Not to mention the accessories and replacement parts are super affordable compared to other brands. Super easy to hold and smoke out of and I love that you can’t break the bowl but I also got the adapter in case I want to use a classic glass bowl piece. Can’t go wrong with this guy its a tank.


Hands down the single most worth it purchase in smoking.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 9, 2021

I’ve been smoking since early highschool, almost everyday. Not to toot my own horn here but I have surpassed what most would consider a “veteran” smoker. Put it this way. I could stay in the room with Snoop or Rogan. Let me tell you, after reaching out to Heir’s one man operation. This gentleman has thoughtfully and carefully considered the design to this water pipe. The materials are top grade, the design lends itself to looking great just sitting on the shelf not in use. Finally, the smoking experience is just buttery smooth, well diffused and pleasant all around. It’s hands down the best and last water pipe I will ever own. It feels solid in your hands. It’s so so so worth it if your even slightly on the fence about getting one. Cheers!!

Job D.

So easy to clean!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 7, 2021

This is a well-built, clean hitting water pipe that is just so convenient when it comes to cleaning. Gone are the days of resin stuck on all the little bits and pieces of my glass, and now I just take it apart, throw some rubbing alcohol in there, and it’s as clean as can be! It feels a little different from using a regular piece, especially with the metal bowl, but overall I am extremely happy and would recommend this to anyone.

Dom L

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Replacement Parts: We offer low cost replacement parts to cover any accidental breakage. See our shop pages to find the correct replacement part. Please contact us via the form on the support page with any additional questions, we’d love to help!

Ergo Mouthpiece

Branching form prevents craning of the neck and places the bowl directly in sight

Removable Glass

Add water and ice easily, and clean in the dishwasher just like any other kitchen item

Innovative Bowl

A platter like rim prevents spills while loading, and 7-hole design prevents clogs

Powerfully Smooth

Extended Downstem, 8-Slotted Percolator, Integrated Splash Guard, Ice-Friendly Glass

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