Covered Ashtray Guide

Getting Started
Start Up Guide
Storing and Mounting the Debowler

Keep the Debowler inside the rubber holster inside the Cover, in-between sessions. When you need to use it for clearing bowls, mount it onto the steel point inside the Ashtray.
Ashing the bowl

Scoop and clear ash out of the bowl while the Debowler is mounted, to collect it straight into the Ashtray. Remove the rim of the Ashtray if this is the number one way you want to use the set, and don't want to have ash collecting on the sides.
Alternate way to hold the Cover

Keep the Cover on top of the Debowler to save table space. The Cover has a dish in the top to hold accessories.

Session Tips
Keep it Covered

Keep the cover on top of the Ashtray to hold the smells inside.

Take off the cover using the Debowler as a handle. Set it aside when you are about to smoke.
Joint Rest

Set your lit J down on the rim of the ashtray. You can also place the J standing upright on the ash knocker - which is the steel pointed part inside.
Ash Knocker

Flick ash from the tip of your J using the ash knocker. Snuff out the ember at the end on this point also.
Rolling Assistant

The Debowler is shaped conically so you can roll a paper cone around it. Once you've rolled something up, use the debowler to help pack down the herb.
Take it to go

Use the Cover as a secondary ashtray, and take it around your house as you smoke and ash.


Take the Lid off of the Ashtray to get the ash out. Wash by hand with warm soapy water. Do not place any of the pieces in the dishwasher.