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Display-worthy design, simpler smoking sessions, and colder, cleaner hits

Experience Heir Waterpipe, the modern re-invention of the traditional glass waterpipe. Transcending the boundary between premium product design and your pastime by providing innovative convenience at every step. Load, light, and clean easier, while enjoying the supreme build quality and smooth smoking perfomance of a truly modern waterpipe.


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Heir Care

30 Day Warranty: Non-accidental breakage and non-cosmetic issues with any Heir product will be covered by full product exchange or replacement of the defective component, at no cost to the customer. Returns for full refund are accepted within the first 30 days of your order, as long as the product is returned unused and in like-new condition. Return shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Lifetime Accident Coverage: We offer low-cost replacements for all components, as inventory permits. If you are ever in need of a replacement part, please visit smokeheir.com/support to order.

3 reviews for Heir Waterpipe

  1. Erik

    The Heir is the best water pipe on the market. Having used it for a year now with moderate wear and tear, this provides the smoothest puffs thanks to the long travel path and easy cleaning.

  2. Bill

    This is the finest made water pipe I have EVER seen or had the pleasure of using. Incredible workmanship and the best of materials. Awesome job. Also the people are NICE and easy to work with

  3. wj

    I was on the email list for this when it was called the Aura water pipe and I waited years until I was sure that this was worth the price. For anyone on the fence about purchasing one of these: Get one.

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and out of every smoking apparatus that I’ve used, this has been — by very long strides — the best.

    The design is stunning, without ostentatious elements or materials; just thick glass, white ceramic, and a little metal and rubber. It’s weighty in the hand; robust. Some of my friends didn’t immediately recognize it as a water pipe; it would blend easily into any modern kitchen (if you’re into that).

    The large bowl is kept in place with a discreet rubber gasket; firmly held in place, but easy to remove and manipulate.

    The glass chamber has a large enough opening to put nearly anything you’d think of inside (whiskey stones look nice if you’re out of ice) and the long downstem keeps it all nicely chilled with no splash back, regardless of how hard I pull.

    Cleaning with 91% alcohol is a snap — 7 minutes, tops — especially with the included brush that is able to reach all of the smaller spaces. I was concerned that the white ceramic would stain and never look new again after a few weeks, but it’s still flawless and just as beautiful as it came after several cleanings.

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