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Display-worthy design, simpler smoking sessions, and colder, cleaner hits

Experience Heir Waterpipe, the modern re-invention of the traditional glass waterpipe. Transcending the boundary between premium product design and your pastime by providing innovative convenience at every step. Load, light, and clean easier, while enjoying the supreme build quality and smooth smoking perfomance of a truly modern waterpipe.


Out of stock. This item will ship by August 31st, 2020. If you order today, you will be placing a Pre-Order. You will be charged for your Pre-Order at the time of shipping, on or before July 31st.

We will contact Pre-Order customers 3-4 days in advance of the shipping date, to confirm their shipping information and payment.

We will accept requests to cancel your Pre-Order anytime before the order is being prepared to ship. Once the process of preparing the Pre-Order to ship begins (3-4 days prior to shipping) the payment for the order will be processed, and we can no longer accept your request to cancel the order.

Free shipping to customers in the United States. $25 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada. $30 Flat Rate Shipping to Australia and the United Kingdom.

If you would like to place an order from outside of these regions, please email us at hi@smokeheir.com.

Heir Care

30 Day Warranty: Non-accidental breakage and non-cosmetic issues with any Heir product will be covered by full product exchange or replacement of the defective component, at no cost to the customer. Returns for full refund are accepted within the first 30 days of your order, as long as the product is returned unused and in like-new condition. Return shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Lifetime Accident Coverage: We offer low-cost replacements for all components, as inventory permits. If you are ever in need of a replacement part, please visit smokeheir.com/support to order.

4 reviews for Heir Waterpipe

  1. Christian

    Simple and elegant. A pleasure to use and a sight for sore eyes. Great order process . Personally assisted by Paul.F. Made everything real easy. Thank you.

  2. C. K.

    Great company, EXCELLENT products! Staff was very helpful. Stress free purchase and delivery. Great engineering, highly recommend. Aces!!!

  3. Ryan

    Do not right reviews often, as for this product I have to write a review. Contacted Heir in regards to their product, not only was the customer service phenomenal, but once the product arrived my girlfriend and I were blown away.*pun intended* Overall design to the first hit, everything was an experience I’m more then happy with. Less hard on your lungs then a traditional bong, and gets you higher. Do not know what you guys are cooking up but I can’t wait for your pipe to drop. Thank you Heir team for making a phenomenal product.

  4. Collin

    So I have been using this as my main piece for about a month now and I can confidently say this is an amazing product.
    Pros: amazing build quality and finish, the ease of use and clean up make it a breeze.
    Cons: the o ring at the base makes a great but I do have to admit not perfect seal that does allow some air to pass into the bottom chamber when drawing the smoke in, maybe a larger o ring would fix it? I don’t know but I am still absolutely impressed with the way it works

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