“…A design nerd’s dream”

GQ – April 20, 2016


“Far too classy to be called a [waterpipe]”

Uncrate – 2016


“The sexiest [waterpipe] on the market”

Highsnobiety – 2016


“Comfortable on display in the home”

Core77 – 2016


“…Easier to hold, easier to clean, and easier to light”

The Manual – 2018



“O.K., I want to thank you again for a tremendous and amazing effort/product. I have been smoking on and off since the 1960s, and the [Heir] is without equal in my experience. I’ve thought that maybe I have a bit of a geezer point of view, that they don’t grow it the way they used to. The same stuff in the [Heir] was way beyond my expectations. As y’all probably know quite well.”

David S.

Hands down the best waterpipe I’ve ever owned. Customer service is Top Notch.

I’ve been [smoking] for 20+ yrs now. I’ve used just about every way imaginable to ingest them. All my years I’ve never had anything as smooth as the [Heir] Water Pipe. Cleaning it is so easy.

Mike P.

A home run!

Well made, thoughtfully designed, absolutely gorgeous, easy to clean and smokes wonderfully. Fantastic customer service from Aura. My only concern is longevity and replacement of the rubbery seals.

Eric Z.

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