Smokeware for real life

Why should enjoyment of good smoke be complicated? We believe designed consideration has been lacking in the pipe-industry at large, and are leading the way to better sessions with devices that eliminate inconvenience and elevate your enjoyment. Our mission is to create smoking companions that stand the test of time, look great in the modern home, and provide blissfully smooth hits without hassle afterwards.

Made better

Behind each piece we produce is a detail-oriented process aimed at upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. This starts with careful selection of materials and manufacturing methods, before pieces are brought to life and assembled in-house by our small team. In hand, this quality translates to a feeling of confidence and assured durability, rather than a fragile glass item that won’t survive the bottom of the sink.

Function forward

Great smoke isn’t an accident. We analyze the interplay of air, water, and flame in our devices, and engineer solutions that maximize cooling, filter particulates, and ultimately produce the clearest expression of flavor possible. Combustion is one of the best ways to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits offered by plant medicine, and eliminating all but the essentials is the first priority of every piece we design.


Heir was founded by four friends who believed they could design a better waterpipe than the one found in their college living room, and we continue to push on. We’re creating a full line of essentials that cover everything you need from storage to lighting to cleaning. Keep up with our new releases by subscribing to our email newsletter below.