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We are a luxury smoking accessories brand, committed to creating pieces with you in mind. Heir began as Aura, the name of an after hours project amongst four college friends. They found themselves surrounded by what seemed ordinary at the time, artisinal glass pipes that were low on convenience and high on decoration. The opportunity to innovate on the flame and flower smoking ritual struck them, and a process of design and development started that would birth Heir Waterpipe.

Our philosophy today is true to these origins. It’s not about smoking, but the experience of winding down, sharing the company of others, and taking a moment of pause. We’re striving to bring dignity to a new era through, beautiful, functional, and innovative design, creating tools that are pared down to eliminate inconvenience and look mighty fine at the same time. Our world is filled with objects we cherish and would like to last a lifetime, and our smoking tools should be no different.

Behind each piece we create is a scrutinizing detail oriented process aimed at providing an exceptional smoking experience. Quality and craftsmanship are our lifeblood. Through material selection, close manufacturing partnerships, and in-house hand assembly we strive to create long lived pieces, backed by exceptional customer care.