Slide Our Story We strive to create more convenient, functional, and beautiful pieces that transform your session by eliminating all but the enjoyment of good smoke. We’re rooted in the traditional flame-and-flower smoking ritual, and guided by the intention to create timeless designs.

Slide Heir Care
We stand behind every piece we produce with our 30 Day Warranty, Replacement Parts, and exceptional attention to customer service and care. We recognize that the some of the best materials for smoking devices, glass and ceramic, are also prone to being dropped or tipped over during the course of their use. All Heir products are designed with modularity in mind, which allows replacement of a single component rather than a costly replacement of the entire piece. In the process of making updates and improvements, we take care to preserve backwards compatibility to insure no customers are left behind.
We grew up with a smoking ritual, a romantically primitive process of lighting flower with flame. We've come to understand that this experience is inherently beautiful, and the tools of smoking are essential but not the star of the show. In 2015 we set out to manifest this philosophy with Aura Waterpipe, an embodiment of the durable, cleanable, intuitive, and functionally honest standards that we uphold in everything produced today.

Aura was renamed to Heir in 2017 with the creation of our first round of production pieces. Heir expresses our inheritance of customs and traditions from the smoking community at large, and our opportunity to freshly define this culture through better hardware design.
Future Craft
Glass artists have laid the foundations of the modern pipe industry. We’re introducing new materials and manufacturing methods to push the envelope of what’s possible. Behind each piece we produce is a scrutinizingly detail-oriented process aimed at upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Through material sourcing, close manufacturing partnerships, and in-house assembly we produce lifetime quality backed by exceptional customer care.

There’s more to come. We’re creating a full line of essentials that cover everything you need from storage to lighting to cleaning. Keep up with our new releases by subscribing to our email newsletter below.